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Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles!

Let's all just think about something nice for a while.


9 x 14. I never thought I'd say this

But at this point, maybe Sam and Dean actually would be better off apart.

Not the way I wanted to see my show end up, but we don't get everything we want.

In the early seasons, whenever they were at odds I could see their motivation, both of them; the reasons they had for what they were doing. This-- this just feels painful and senseless to me.

At this point I'd be happier for them both if they were just relieved of each other's company.

Thanks for absolutely nothing, showrunners.

Happy Valentine's Day <3

May you be as loved as your favorite OTPs!!!

And I love you. Yes, YOU. ;)

Oh, Supernatural.

I could have sworn we already had Season 4, and Season 6?

No?   SMH.

These are not the Winchesters I'm looking for.


EEeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  IT'S SO HARD TO AVOID SPOILERRRRSS!!!!!   I cannot WAIT til the 19th when we can see it tooooooo!!!

On a different and very exciting note, I just got tickets to go see the National Theatre Live presentation of Frankenstein on Jan. 17th!!!  SO EXCITED!!!    A good friend and I will be traveling about 4 hours to go and see it.  I was so happy to find it at a venue that close to us!

And I finally just got to see The Hobbit yesterday.  A month of so many exciting things.  :)

Welcome, Justice Jay


that is all.

Kettle's just boiled

Since I watched Sherlock over Christmas break, I've been drinking a lot of hot tea.

I bought a kettle and everything.  I keep hot tea bags now.  I know, I should probably learn to use loose tea and a teapot.

I used to drink hot tea only very rarely; mostly, when I had a sore throat.  I drink iced tea ALL the time, living in the south as I do.  But I find the hot tea (with honey, a splash of milk, sometimes lemon) very soothing.  And granted, the more often I re-watch Sherlock (and especially, when I read Sherlock fic) the more I find myself craving, and making, hot tea.  As a life comfort, I'm definitely beginning to see the appeal.   :)

Jared Freaking Padalecki, man

He just acted his ass off.  So fucking proud.  You go, boy.

Sam and Dean. Yep.

So hi out there.  Is anything good going on out in the SPN fandom?  Please feel free to point me to any feel-good pics, posts, squee, or nefarious plans for world domination.  You know, the good stuff.