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I started a blog so that I could be fannish about all things Stargate.

While this has not changed (I <3 Stargate 4-Evar), I have cycled through and back around to some other fandoms along the way, mostly due to reading insanely hot and/or angsty/schmoopy awesome fic by the awesome writers who were writing in Stargate.. and, well... they sucked me in. These would be, at last count, at least the Buffy/Angel 'verse, and Supernatural.

Ah, Supernatural. I am yours; do with me what you will. Eric Kripke owns *my* soul, and if you watch the show, you know what that means. And if you don't watch the show, GO WATCH THE SHOW. SERIOUSLYOMG. You have *no idea* what you're missing.

In the Angel 'verse I had a long and torrid affair with Spike/Angel, and I still revisit that from time to time. But I also read much more than that, throw in some Xander, and that other guy played by Christian Kane, you know, mix it up.

In Stargate, J/D OTP 4-Evar, but there also, I'll read way more than that, and I always liked to mix in a little Cam, Major Davis, whoever else was the hottie of the week. In my whole "Stargate" mindset I include John/Rodney as my secondary OTP, and I'll happily play in that sandbox once in a while. I admit tho, sadly, that I haven't watched it much this season. :( My heart is still just a little broke over the end of SG-1. *places hat over heart*

In Supernatural, I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I read *cough*wincest*cough*. And yes, I have my own personal ticket to Special Hell. But come on, have you SEEN them?? I mean, it practically writes itself... Speaking of hell, SPN has also led me to RPS, of the Jensen/Jared, or J2 variety. In for a penny and all...

I enjoy all kinds of slash, now that I've been warped by you people. I've read from shows I've never watched, (The Sentinel), from other shows, (Lost, House, Moonlight), and from movies- in fact my first order of business after seeing "3:10 to Yuma" and the last "Die Hard" movie were to immediately seek out slash for them. The internets, they did not disappoint. :)

I've been terrible about leaving feedback over the last several months, (life has been crazy), and I promise to do better. After all, it's the only currency I have for payment, and believe me, I want to keep the product coming. So to speak. *g*

My heart -still- belongs to slash writers. Seriously you guys, I am so grateful that you have the talent and the moxie and the generosity to do what you do, and share it with us all. I love you all. Marry me.

I will also still occasionally post... something. ;)